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Presenting iSECURO – India’s Smartest GPS Tracking Device

iSECURO is the latest and smartest GPS tracking device, with intelligent technology, advanced features, and sleek design, making it a top choice amongst concerned Indians. Convenient and user-friendly device that works with a mobile/web application, it is invaluable for personal security and safety.

In essence, iSECURO is a guardian. This compact device can be carried by individuals or can be placed in baggage or vehicle, and the location can then be tracked on a mobile or web application. It is ideally suited for children, senior family members, driver driven personal vehicles as well as trucking, taxi, and delivery companies.

I Card Gps Device For Child

A light-weighted device, measuring just about the size of a debit card, iSECURO uses GPS and GSM features to provide real time tracking abilities, location history details, and geofence notifications. It also includes an SOS button for emergencies and contact numbers of family members. For school-going children, it provides additional attributes of automatically turning off GSM/GPS in the classroom by using the BLE tag, marking school attendance (using RFID), and updating school bus on/off notifications.

Take advantage of iSECURO to ensure the well being of your loved ones, safety of your vehicle, as well as to maintain your peace of mind.

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